Welcome to Jabulani African Tours & Safaris cc

Jabulani Safaris is dedicated to providing people with an experience of a life time. We enjoy nature and wildlife, its a passion of ours and we hope on the tour you will not only see our passion but develop your own passion for it.
Animals are amazing creatures. They not only provide us with perspective but they show us how peaceful that can be with nature. Nature is all around us and its a beautiful thing to explore. Many of us spend our entire lives in what they call the concrete jungle, going about our lives without any thought to the wildlife and nature around us.
We are very fortunate in South Africa to have vast spaces of land that is untouched and wildlife roam free as they did before man set foot there. We also have the big five in our boarders which attracts thousands of people each year. It is a blessing to be able to see these magnificent creatures roam there habitats free and peaceful.
South Africa has wonderful cities like Joburg, Cape Town and Durban. We have the sun, the sea and majestic mountain ranges. We also have natural wonders like Table Mountain, Cango Caves and many more. We are truely blessed as a country and Jabulani Safaris would love to be your guide on your journey through this wonderful country that we love so much.